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Thursday, May 17, 2007

The non-fight club

‘Prince’ Harry isn’t going to go to Iraq after all, because there’s the danger he might get his wee self killed or injured.

Now there’s a surprise.

Wonder what would happen if other military service folk went to their superiors and asked if they could stay at home, due to the unacceptable potential risk to their health and wellbeing of being shipped out to a warzone?


Ron said...

You know what would be great is if I don't have to go on a THIRD deployment. Ahhh. You've got to love these kids.

My knowledge of English history is probably lacking, and my perception skewed.. but was there not a time when English royalty and nobility would not only fight in battle but LEAD in battle? With a large proud standard flying so as to clearly identify themselves? Almost as to dare the enemy to put up a proper fight. "Here I am you sons of bitches. I fully intend to fight you to the death, then place your head on a pike at London Bridge."

Anyway, I'm sure this will make the Tommies fighting in Iraq love their monarchy even more. For Prince and Country!

Jo said...

Your knowledge isn't lacking at all, Ron: ironically enough, yes, monarchs of the past were right up there on the front line, ready to take an arrow in the eye for their country.

That anyone should need greater evidence of the absolute redundancy of British Monarchy is a complete mystery to me....