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Friday, May 18, 2007

Rabid nonsense

You’ve got to love Jose Mourinho. I mean, we knew the man was supremely arrogant (he’s a multi-millionaire, sexy Portugese boss of a successful football club, so that’s hardly an earth-shattering surprise) but I love the fact that his arrogance is of the tongue-in-cheek, comedy “f**k you” variety. Particularly when he’s taking on knacker in the truly delicious ‘terrier-gate’ saga.

‘JOKER Jose Mourinho teased cops who wanted to take away his dog — saying he had sent it to St Tropez. First the Chelsea boss sold police a pup by telling them he needed to make a phone call — and instead carried the family pet to his garden.
Then, said a source, he hopped over a neighbour’s wall to hide the Yorkshire terrier and got a driver to pick it up.
Last night he sensationally admitted HIDING the dog.
Police and animal experts had gone to his mews home on Tuesday night after a vet said he believed the pooch had been abroad and back without vital jabs.
He revealed the bitch was NOT named after former Holland and Chelsea star Ruud Gullit. Its real name is Leya. And he said he was STUNNED by the police action.He went on: “How is it possible that I had eight police officers at my house because of a dog? It’s a disgrace.”

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