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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Unequal Rights

Did anyone see the joke at the weekend about the Equal Opportunities Commission (apparently, "working to eliminate sex discrimination in Britain today") paying their male staff more than their female staff?

What do you mean, it's not a joke?

"SEX discrimination watchdogs have been caught out breaking their own guidelines—by paying men MORE than women.
Red-faced bosses at the Equal Opportunities Commission, which campaigns to make sure employers treat men and women the same, have admitted that male staff earn on average nearly £2,000 more than female workers.
The revelation is a major embarrassment for the government-funded body, which has just launched a major three-year campaign to close the national pay gap of £2.41 an hour. It also gives advice to female workers on their rights and fights legal battles to get them equal pay.
Yet it has now revealed that the average salary for its male employees is £26,962...while women get only £25,128. Tory MP Philip Davies, who forced the commission to disclose the figures said: "You really couldn't make this up. This organisation can't even practise what it preaches to everyone else."

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