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Friday, June 15, 2007

Doing jailtime like Paris

I tell you what, if I ever ended up in prison, could you make it Sudbury?

'A prisoner has absconded from Sudbury open jail in Derbyshire - the sixth to walk out in a week.
George Richard Day, 25, was sentenced at Derby Crown Court in September 2006 to two-and-a-half years for burglary.
Derbyshire Police said anyone who knows where Day is should not approach him and should contact the force immediately.

Christopher Chambers, 23, from Mickleover, Derbyshire, absconded from Sudbury last Friday. He was sentenced to three years for arson endangering life.
Simon Downer, 30, and Lance Wesley Reid, 28, both from Birmingham, walked out of the jail on Saturday.
Downer was jailed for six years for wounding with intent. Reid was given eight years for robbery, false imprisonment and aggravated burglary.
John Christopher Reilly, 34, and Mark Roberts, 34, both from Birmingham, absconded from the prison on 6 June.

More than 660 inmates have walked out of Sudbury in the past 10 years.'

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Ron said...

This whole deal with Ms. Hilton has been terribly embarrassing for the California court that handled it. Methinks it would have been less embarrassing to just have let her walk free like they do all the other celebs down there. I mean honestly, they tried to look hard and make an example out of her, but they've just come off looking like a bunch of disorganised ninnies. Oh well.

Sidenote: America loves tearing down idols more than building them up.

As for walking out of prison.. I'd hate to pass judgement until all the facts are in, but it would seem the warden and guards might be derelict in their responsibilities. Or perhaps install a door with a lock?