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Friday, June 29, 2007

Republicanism, Australian-style

Brilliant story today: “Prince” William, of useless-Royal-offspring fame, has apparently been rejected as a candidate for the post of Australian Governor-General.

It’s funny on many levels. Firstly, because the bloke’s been rejected for a ‘job’ that he has expressed absolutely no public interest in. Secondly, because….well…. what the fuck is an Australian Governor General?

Who knows. All I know is that there is nothing more revealing about the Australian character than when they are given a carte blanche opportunity to slag off Britain and the British. It’s always great fun, because the overblown pompous outrage that usually follows a meaningless story like this in the Australian press demonstrates – more than any referendum ever could – just how much the Australian nation still suffer from a terribly bitter case of ‘filial envy’ where their ‘relationship’ with Britain is concerned.

“Look at those fucking poms, who do they think they are, sending their Royals over here, don’t they know we’re Republicans? Don’t they know we’re better than they are? Yes, YES WE ARE!”….etc.

Oh, look, here we are:

‘Opposition leader Kevin Rudd, whose Labor Party still campaigns for an Australian republic, said it would be "party, party, party" at the governor-general's official Canberra residence if Prince William took on the job.
"Australia overall is probably much better at exporting royals like Princess Mary than importing royals," Rudd told reporters, referring to a former Sydney real estate agent who married Danish Crown Prince Frederik in 2004.

Earlier, Rudd told Southern Cross radio: "There is a great place for the British royals and it's in Britain".’
Bless you, Mr Rudd, but to be honest, we don’t really want him either.

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