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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

State of the Union

Erm.... forgive me, but if you're a union and you're going on strike, isn't your entire REMIT to screw with things as much as humanly possible to make sure people have to pay attention to you?

On that basis, isn't the timing of this threat really just a simple case of clever tactical thinking?

'Festival anger over rail strike

Scottish rail union members have been slammed for planning strike action which would coincide with the start of T in the Park.
The Rail Maritime and Transport Union (RMT) intends to strike on 6 July in a row over bonus payments.
Network Rail described the union's timing as "appalling".
The dispute involves about 400 Network Rail signallers in Scotland, who claim bonuses were cut following a previous strike in March.
The T in the Park festival will see tens of thousands of music fans heading for Balado in Perth and Kinross from Friday 6 July to Sunday 8 July.'

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