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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Daddy Dearest

I don't know why an ex-Spice Girl's love life should be of any interest to me, but I couldn't help noticing this:

'Spice Girl Melanie Brown has filed court papers in the US in a bid to confirm that actor Eddie Murphy is legally the father of her daughter.
Mr Murphy, 46, has maintained he is not the father of Angel Iris Murphy Brown, who was born in April.
The singer's solicitor, Gloria Allred, said a DNA test carried out in June had "established paternity, but paternity has not been legally acknowledged."
Ms Brown said Angel needs to know she was "planned and wanted by both of us".'

First of all, how is it possible that a DNA test has confirmed paternity, and yet Eddie "chivalry" Murphy can still get away with not making it legal?

And secondly, a word of advice, Melanie love: this man disowned your child before she was even born, and called you a liar and a cheat while he was about it. On television. Frankly, I would be less worried about your kid feeling 'loved' by her dad as it grows up, and more concerned with keeping her as far away from the man as is humanly possible...


Ron said...

Couple of thoughts here.

First of all, Eddie Murphy isn't in many movies these days because of his ego. People just don't like working with him.

Secondly, DNA is only as good as your solicitor. Ask O.J.

And thirdly, "Angel needs to know she was 'planned and wanted by both of us'." Apparently not, ma'am. I mean, if you're going to raise her on a farcical idea of her arrival into this world, you may as well tell her that she was conceived by midichlorians and the prophecy says she will bring balance to the force.

Jo said...

Well....what do you expect when you call your child Angel? Being obese and wearing braces while shouldering that moniker at the age of 13 is going to be a harder cross to bear than having Eddie Murphy as a father, isn't it?