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Friday, August 03, 2007

Going Down

"I have been found guilty on charges I have made admission to from the moment of my first arrest"

Chris Langham

This really is the most fabulous 'not-quite-getting-it' statement I've ever heard. The man genuinely appears to believe that if you hold your hands up to a crime, you are somehow 'innocent' of it.

"Well, yes, officer, clearly I was stealing that car, cos what you saw me do it innit, but I've admitted it. Can I go home now?"

Clearly, Mr Langham has not seen Dave Caruso at work on CSI Miami. The legend that is Caruso gets a full confession from his "perps" at the end of every episode. EVERY EPISODE! But, as Langham ought to have taken note, he nonetheless always announces, with a final flourish, "you're going down for a very long time".

Should've watched a bit more Channel Five, rather than child pornography, that's what he should have done.

The whole way through this sordid trial, the chap seems to have had a frighteningly rudimentary grasp of how the law works with regard to paedophiliac behaviour. A couple of weeks back he was recorded as saying, in court, "I was very arrogant to think that the law did not apply to me".

Arrogant, sir? ARROGANT? What a strange term to use under these circumstances. You've really got to be quite divorced from reality to consider the collection of images of children being sexually abused as "arrogant", as opposed to "sick, nasty and illegal".

The law does apply to you, Mr Langham. Dave could've told you that.

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Elliott said...

Though funnily enough, he apparently pleaded not guilty to the porn charges.

A sad and terrible case.