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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ha Ha, Cowell, Ha Ha

Hmmm. I wonder what the backers (if there are any) for your hate-inducing reality-telly-inspired-movie will be making of this, Simon Cowell?

If there really was a God (unfortunately in this case, there isn't) you'd be back making Zig and Zag novelty tunes by this time next year, you hateful little toad.

'A Broadway show which was based on the hit reality TV programme American Idol has closed after its first official night on stage in New York.
Idol: The Musical, which was dubbed a "satirical musical comedy", was originally previewed in July.
By the end of the month the entire cast had been replaced without explanation and fresh previews began on 1 August.
Producer Todd Ellis said he had scrapped the show "due to a lack of advance ticket sales".
He added that a "lack of positive feedback from audience members and critics and a lack of sustainable financial resources" had also fuelled his decision to close the show.

Earlier this month, American Idol judge Simon Cowell announced he was going to make a movie set behind the scenes of a TV talent show.
The film, currently titled Star Struck, will tell the fictional story of 10 contestants in a singing competition.
Cowell will help pick the lead characters from open auditions like those used on American Idol.'

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