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Friday, November 09, 2007

Ninja Turtle

Godfrey is not amused.

'Animal welfare officers are trying to find out who taped a turtle to a firework and set it off on Bonfire Night in Wrexham.
The creature, thought to be a female, was found by a dog in the back garden of a house in Rutland Road.
The firework had been lit and the turtle suffered a bash to the head, bleeding from the mouth and a cracked shell, the RSPCA said.
The turtle is being cared for at a north Wales specialist reptile centre.
On Tuesday morning the dog returned from the garden with what looked like a stick in its mouth.
Its owner was horrified to find that the stick was in fact a used firework which had a turtle attached to it.
The turtle had been taped to the rocket-type firework with white masking tape.
It is thought the firework was set off on 5 November, meaning the turtle had lain in the garden overnight until it was found by the dog early the next morning.'

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KreativeMix said...

i'm trying hard not to laugh :-)