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Monday, January 07, 2008

Being a fashion stylist - in the words of a stylist

The Emperor didn't pick out his own clothes, apparently. A stylist did it for him.

'For Katy England, who works with Alexander McQueen, her job is absolute perfection, but she insists, it is not rocket science. 'I didn't know what a stylist was when I left college,' she says. 'Now, with the celebrity culture we have, it seems as though everyone has to have a stylist. Most people could do the job to a degree. Magazines like Heat and Hello! show you how to do it. You can go into Topshop and put a look together.' (The Guardian).

If only I'd known years ago that the key to fabulous wealth lay in following a career path of abject pointlessness and vapidity. I'd have skipped college and screwed a popstar. Or topped myself as a result of misanthropic, impotent rage. Whichever came first.

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