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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Corporate annoyances of the year - and so it begins

C and* A launches 'We CandAre'* eco plan

We C and are? Eh? That doesn't really work, does it? First person who guesses the size of the obscene pile of cash paid to a branding consultancy for that grammatical freakshow wins a copy of 'U R Gr8: Txt spk for the new generation'.


Music and entertainment-related fashion brand Hard Rock International has launched the Bono Signature Series, which includes a T-shirt featuring the U2 musician, with the proceeds going to a cotton initiative in Africa.

Wrong. Wrong, I tell you. Does nobody see the irony in making a whole pile of cotton t-shirts that nobody wants nor needs, or indeed (discounting those padded-cell dwellers deemed too 'special' to qualify for care in the community) will EVER be able to wear without being beaten senseless, and then giving the 'proceeds' to cotton workers?

*(that should be an ampersand, but for reasons known only to itself, blogger doesn't allow them. You can stick up all the child pornography and pictures of women shagging horses you like, but an ampersand? SHAME on you).

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