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Friday, January 18, 2008

Model Behaviour

Deary me. So much to annoy me this week, I barely know where to begin.

A good a place as any, however, is the story about the child modelling agency which stuck a 'Madeline McCann' lookalike on its books, in the (remarkably naive, it must be said) hope that the kid would earn fortunes. Presumably by hawking her 'talents' out to Crimewatch UK or something. Anyway, apparently the story is true. Astonishing.

'The boss of a Streatham Hill model agency which planned to hire out a Madeleine McCann lookalike has received death threats.
Shona Adams, who runs Juliet Adams model agency, had hoped pitching a Maddy lookalike to movie makers could land the tot £9million per day and a 20 per cent cut for her.
Ms Adams discovered the missing girl's lookalike, three-year-old Kelsey Lynn Kudla, after Kelsey's mum emailed her from the US.
Kelsey's mum explained the pair had been stopped seven times in one day by people pointing out how similar her daughter was to missing Maddy.
Ms Adams said she had received approaches from more than 100 would-be doubles.
The 41-year-old shrugged off critics who said it would hurt Maddy's parents Gerry and Kate arguing there was nothing they could do about her plans in a democracy.'

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