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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

These people are better than you


Oh dear lord.

I've just looked further into the 'alternative medicine' story and I am no longer angry. I am now bordering on sociopathic rage.

It SEEMS (intake of breath) that the Prince of Wales Foundation for Integrated Health - which will be running the council for regulating alternative treatments - is setting up the council using public money.

Yes - the Department of Health has given money (apparently around £2 million) to Prince Charles, non-tax paying, non-elected son of one of the world's richest women, the equally unelected Queen, to set up a governing body for fucking homeopathists.

I have always been a republican but I'm now starting to feel like the guillotine is too good for Charlie - too quick.

Now I'd like him to contract ebola or African trypanosomiasis, say, and die slowly. Course, if he follows his own advice on treating sick people, he inevitably would.

This man must never - NEVER - be given any semblance of real power. Or even be made King, for that matter.

Before I leave to go and punch a wall somewhere, a few points to think about next time you say "ahh, the Royals, they're harmless"

Last year, Charlie's Duchy Originals company - sorry, 'charity' - reported a profit of £1.2m on annual sales of £53m, and has generated £7m in profits since its operations first turned a profit in 1999.

The Royal family receive tax exemption from the Duchies of Cornwall and Lancaster - they do not pay corporation or capital gains tax. Prince Charles gains the majority of his income from the Duchy of Cornwall. In 2005, the public accounts committee called on the Treasury to justify why the duchies were exempt from corporation and capital gains tax. The taxpayer loses tens of millions through this exemption, from which the prince personally benefits.

In 2005, Prince Charles was given £1,584,000 grants-in-aid for travel and property maintenance and £489,000 from Government departments for other expenses, such as his PR team and official communications.

During that same period, his income increased by around £800,000 - he 'earns' around £14m a year, on which he pays around £3.3m in tax.

The Duchy of Cornwall is now valued at more than £551 million, after growing in value by nearly £46 million in 2005-6.

Oh, and one more for fun: when the Queen's mother finally kicked the bucked a couple of years back, Charlie and his lady wife moved into 'her' house, Clarence House. Unfortunately, thanks to the recently departed old dear, the soft furnishings smelled faintly of piss (I assume) and so he had to redecorate.

That redecoration, people, cost the British public (i.e. me and thee) four and a half million quid.

Angry yet?


urmynv said...

I love how you picked out an article for the sole purpose of lambasting the royals (your favorite past time)! Great way to legitimize your feelings. More blogs of this nature are required, miss.

Jo said...

Of course. As a Republican in Britain (sorry, England, the Welsh and the Scottish are with me on this one) I'm considered strange and eccentric. It's a peculiar thing about the national character that, while nobody here will admit to actively LIKING the Royal Family, most people "sort of like them" on the grounds that they're cute, faintly ridiculous, good for tourism and ultimately harmless.

I can but try: they'll see the error of their ways once the Queen does the unthinkable and shuffles off the mortal coil in favour of her son. That man is dangerous. Stupid but potentially influential = dangerous...