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Monday, February 18, 2008

Canine Whine

Oh for god's sake. Only in the Antipodes could a musical track THAT ONLY DOGS CAN HEAR reach number one. Effectively what that means is that vast numbers - a group of people in its thousands, let us not forget - actually went out and spent their money on a recording of what, to them, was effectively silence.

Holy Moly might think that the mad Welsh couple who're being violently harrassed for changing their names to Victoria and David Beckham are "the stupidest people alive", but surely this proves that competition is fierce?

'The makers of a chart-topping song only audible to dogs say they hope it can become a global hit. A Very Silent Night - a Christmas number one in New Zealand - raised money for the country's Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. A spokesman admitted he did not know how the CD - recorded at a frequency inaudible to humans - sounded to dogs. The track, which raised NZ$22,000 (£8,900), could now be released in the US and Australia, the spokesman added.'

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urmynv said...

So how are we to know if they've actually recorded anything at all? Sounds a bit like snake oil to me. Not JUST a waste of money, but a sham as well.

This reminds me of a comic strip I saw one time that had a couple of defence industry salesmen leaning against thin air with a sign under them that read "stealth plane" or something to that effect. The one bloke whispers out of the side of his mouth, "Think they're falling for it?"

I always get reminded of the guy who invented the pet rock.