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Monday, February 18, 2008

Cheat Eating

Delia Smith has released a new cookbook. I like Delia Smith. She's quite down to earth ("Come and 'ave a go if you think you're 'ard enough") and she seems to know a thing or two about food. I like food very much, and I like people that don't hypocritically lecture me about what I should eat (I'm looking at you, Oliver). Therefore, stands to reason I should like Delia.

Except today I discover that Delia's 'new' cookbook, How to Cheat at Cooking (which, by the way, is not new at all, having been released in the early 1970s - albeit with slightly crappier cover photography) contains a recipe that involves frozen mashed potato. (They tell me the recipe is for cupcakes but I simply cannot believe that madness... I know Delia likes a drink but I doubt she's on crystal meth, which would be the only explanation for such a culinary abomination.)

Seriously, though. Delia, what's happened love? FROZEN MASHED POTATO? You're supposed to like food, woman! I'm all for taking the snobbery out of food and reintroducing the concept of cooking as an egalitarian activity, but for f**k's sake, what's next? Super Noodle Stew? Scotch Egg and Walnut Whip Surprise? Frozen mash is cookery 'cheating' in a league of its own, Delia; frankly it is criminally deceitful to the tastebuds.

The idea of the country's best cookery presenter and writer putting together a book like this is, frankly, depressing in the extreme. When our national lack of skill and interest in the kitchen and the preparation of food has reached such critical depths that even Delia Smith is forced to admit defeat, when even she has conceded that there simply is not point in trying to help us cook properly and resorts to writing a book designed only to boost the coffers of the supermarket chains, it's time to weep, it really is.


urmynv said...

I love Scotch Eggs. But since you're on the topic of laziness in the kitchen, and since you did NOT mention Tesco.. what do you think of the prepackaged Tesco Scotch Eggs?! Deep frying everything (Scottish style) should be taught in A-levels at the latest.

Meh. I'm not a fan of people who can't cook, or who don't at least make an effort every now and then.

Jo said...

My friend and i cooked our first Scotch eggs recently. It was much easier than we thought and tasted nothing like the weird fluorescent orange things they sell chilled in the shops. Dunno about Tesco - I make a point of being one of the few people in Britain whose lives are not run by the Tescopoly. Tragically, that's not nearly as easy as you'd think.

Strangely though, I'm too scared to try eating the classic Scottish deep fried confectionery, os I never have. Let's face it, I'm over 30 these days, so more prone to heart disease as it is.