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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Budgetary Bullshit

So, as a tokenistic 'worthy' gesture for this year's budget, the government has decreed that supermarkets are allowed to charge customers for the use of plastic bags.

How thoroughly decent of them.

Don't suppose anyone has bothered to point out to them how typically greedy and hypocritical it is of our nation's cuddly supermarkets to charge YET ANOTHER premium (along with the premium you're charged if, say, you like you buy fruit that has a chance of ripening before 2012) to its customers without doing a damn thing to improve its own environmentally and socially despicable behaviour?

Because, obviously, it is the ignorant customer's ignorant adoration of the mighty Asda bag that is the sole cause of environmental damage from throwaway plastics, and absolutely nothing at ALL to do with the supermarkets' continuing hateful habit of wrapping its food in grotesquely excessive and unnecessary packaging.

It's enough to make a person weep.

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