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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Government drug pushers

Oh, and as for the government whacking another 11 pence on the price of a packet of cigarettes, thus effectively increasing the money they make from smokers, a group of people who they insist on treating as social lepers for indulging in their habit, well I for one see nothing hypocritical in that.

If they want to effectively ban people from smoking - essentially forcing them into quitting by preventing them from smoking except sneakily in their own homes (or, for those with children, guiltily out the window), then fine, go ahead and do it. It's a ridiculous habit that kills you. But you can't impose the most rigid anti-smoking legislation in Europe on people and then expect - in the same year - to make bucketloads of extra cash from the very same drug habit you so haughtily and publicly condemn.

Oh no, wait, you're the government. You can do what the hell you like.

Moving on!

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