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Monday, June 02, 2008

Family Fortunes

It really is so nice in situations such as these to see that troubled, unhappy and dangerously ill people can rely upon the dignified, discreet and unwavering support of their loving families....*

2nd June 2008, BBC Online:

''Agitated' Gascoigne is sectioned

Former England footballer Paul Gascoigne has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act.
Hertfordshire Police confirmed he was taken to hospital on Sunday following reports that he was acting strangely in Hemel Hempstead.
A police spokesman said he approached a member of the public and appeared to be unwell and in an agitated state.
He was previously detained under the Mental Health Act in February following an incident at a Tyneside hotel.'

2nd June 2008, The Daily Star:

'THE sister of troubled football legend Paul Gascoigne fears he has less than four months to live.
Anna Marie Gascoigne fears her brother may not survive to be at her wedding in October.

And she said she only discovered how bad his addiction to booze was when he necked an entire bottle of gin in front of her – in one go.'

* for further evidence, see any and all articles written in the past 18 months about Amy Winehouse featuring "her worried father Mitch"

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