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Monday, July 14, 2008

Hanky Spanky indeed

Now look. I'd be the first person to defend a man's right to dress up as a Nazi and have his arse walloped by a bemused gang of prostitutes if that's what floats his boat. He's not harming anyone, the women in question were all being paid handsomely, and frankly I've heard of less palatable, considerably more offensive sexual quirks that pass under society's radar unquestioned. (Clearly, it doesn't help if your name is Moseley in these sort of circumstances.)
But really - if you've BEEN caught, and the world's most hypocritical journalists (step forward, News of the World's finest) have had a good belly laugh at your expense, and you've kept your job and the majority of your professional colleagues publicly on side - SURELY the thing to do is to take a wee step back, have a cup of tea and wait for the fuss to die down? The fact that the man didn't really do anything that terrible is precisely the reason why it would all have been forgotten in a month or so had he have shut up and just got on with his life.

If anything, Mr Moseley has shown us what a proposterous, arrogant kinky old tit he really is by his response to this 'scandal' rather than his participation in it...

'Motorsport boss Max Mosley has tried to make his sadomasochistic sex session sound like "nothing more than hanky-spanky", the High Court has been told.
In his closing speech, Mark Warby QC, for the News of the World, said witnesses had attempted to make it sound "like a worthy activity".
It alleged a "sick" Nazi-themed orgy had taken place, but he disputes the paper's portrayal of events.
Mr Warby said witnesses talked of "meetings" or "parties" and were uncomfortable using the word "brutal".
He said in the evidence for Mr Mosley there had been an attempt "to present it as some kind of worthy activity attended by the most strict health and safety precautions as though it was all being carried out under the guidance of the Bondage and Sadomasochism Regulatory Authority.
"It was even compared with cowboys and Indians, as though it was nothing more than a dressing-up party for grown-ups.
"There was an attempt, we suggest quite deliberately, to turn it all into some kind of farce, or to make it sound like a tremendous giggle."
The newspaper's case was that the events were "truly grotesque and depraved," he added.'

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urmynv said...

How was he caught in the first place? How is this even in the public eye?!

I remember when Pee Wee Herman got arrested for pleasuring himself inside an adult cinema. When someone called the authorities because he was doing the deed (which I would have assumed was acceptable in an adult cinema), he defiantly asked the arresting officers.."DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!" After telling them who he was, he promptly lost his television show..for children.