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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Prison: like rehab, only cheaper!

I opted some months back to refrain from comment upon the activities of the mangy, cretinous little crack hound that married Amy Winehouse, or the self-indulgent and deluded torrent of effluent that seems to pour forth, in a neverending fashion, from both his parents and hers, but I felt moved to draw your attention to this....

Georgette Fielder Civil - the mother, or possibly step-mother of the rat-faced husband - was in the paper at the weekend, to tell us that Amy Winehouse should be in jail instead of snorting coke in public view in Camden pubs (I bet the landlord of The Monarch was overjoyed when s/he picked up the News of the Screws and read about that...).

Now, 'Amy Winehouse does coke' is clearly of virtually no interest to anyone. This remark, on the other hand, was rather revealing:

'Mother-of-three Georgette, 45, told how she was overjoyed after visiting Blake for the first time in his new Category C prison near Newmarket on Sunday.
She revealed: “Blake’s been given his own room with an ensuite shower.
“He also has a TV, CD player and a shelf full of books in his room.
“He even has his own key so he can lock himself in if he wants privacy.'

So what you're saying, Mrs Civil, is that prison is a great place to send your irresponsible wanker offspring for an all-mod-cons little spell at rehab (we'll overlook the fact that the nasty, grubby little c**t is actually in there for nearly KILLING a man)...?
Prison 'works' because it is plush and clean, and because drug-addled fuckwits like your son get the best medical treatment available, but best of all, because it comes out of the taxpayers pocket rather than out of your own?

1 comment:

urmynv said...

Sign me up for some of that prison! Or send some of your tax money over here!

At least the special-needs incarcerated fella has reliable electricity and running water! Twat. We have neither of those hear at the moment. Not even water to wash your hands after poo. I'm using bottled drinking water for that.